Aircraft Records Audit

We aim to accomplish records audits taking into account the following:-

AD Status and dirty finger prints
SB status and dirty finger prints
HT Components and Serviceable tags
OC Components and Serviceable tags
Engine Disc sheet and full Trace / Serviceable tags
QEC and Component status for Engines
Gear LLP Status and full trace
Last done next due MPD Status incl SI, CPCP, AWL, ETOPS etc
Current Repair mapping / Dent Buckle mapping and approvals Dirty Finger Prints incl RAS and 8100
STC and Mods including all paperwork and packages to track CAR
Statements Accident Incident etc
Aircraft Status
Readiness log and detail spec
Manuals AFM, CMM, MPD etc etc
Interior detail spec if available for replacing interior coverings etc
All historical records boxed and inventory
Burn Certificates for all materials seat covers, cushions, tedlars etc
LOPA Emergency Equipment Layout
Old Log books current Log Books
Certificates C of A CRS C of R etc etc


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